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"Set the Town Alight!" -

Night lights made up t0 end of 2016

Here are just some of the beautiful pieces of work produced at my Nightlight workshops.


Students can make either a snowy (white roofs and paths) or frosty townscape (grey roofs and paths for this option).


This is just a small sample of the work produced, my apologies if your piece is not shown, they are all wonderful!!

Snowy set the town alight Go to Home IMG_20141205_112933558 Anne Moore houses wshop by Bec Handyside Avalon workshop 2 Go Back to Gallery Wimborne 1 Wimborne 3 Joan Proud 2 Go to Home IMG_20160322_153240175_HDR IMG_20160322_152946257 IMG_20160322_153104163 IMG_20160418_154806505 Dorking 3 Cosby (6) Cosby (7) Hexagon Q (4a) Hexagon Q (2a) Hexagon Q (1a) Evelyn Hathaway & Campden 2 Sue Markham 2 Valerie Hathaway & Campden 1 Hathaway & Campden 4

And finally, proof - as if any was needed - that we each favour certain colours that we will gravitate towards, both in our clothing and our work!!

Institches 3 Institches 1 Institches 4 for website Avalon 2015a