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Crafty Retreats, Limoges, France.

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July 6th to July 13th 2017


I was lucky to be asked to teach a weeks course for Phil and Fran at their beautiful home and studio in Limoges.


I met some lovely people, the weather was kind to us and the students painted and stitched  some lovely pieces of work.

Day 1


In the morning a visit to Limoges to take photo's and sketch some of the buildings. .................


Followed by a well earned coffee break!

Day 1c Day 1b Day 1 Day 1a

Back home to a superb lunch prepared for us by Fran and then a busy afternoon painting fabric in glorious sunshine.

Left and below more pictures of work in progress and the pieces   produced by the very hard working students at the end of a busy and fun week!

work in progress work in progress 2 book cover 2 Caroline F finished bed head Tracey finished nightlight work in progress 3 Carolines work Caroline F finished vessel cover Anne nightlight Dee finished nightlight Caroline F Phils lampshade book cover refashioning wood Sarahs work